The ‘Soldatović’ Estate produces

–  HONEY (acacia, sunflower, clover, forest, and honeycomb). The honey produced by the ‘Soldatović’ Estate is characterised by its high quality. If we adhered to the saying ‘honey nourishes and defends against many diseases’, we would spend far less time in waiting rooms of medical centres.
–  BLENDS OF HONEY AND MEDICINAL HERBS (nettle, anise, ginger, sesame, green walnut) are completely natural. The composition of our preparations is adapted to the special purpose, such is prevention and aid in faster revitalisation of the organism in case of the below-listed health problems. The blends are not designed to be used as a substitute for medication, but as a supplement to a healthy nutrition.

–  HONEY BEVERAGES (honey brandy, walnut brandy and blackberry wine with honey). It is believed that the first alcoholic beverage made by man was honey wine – a drink older than wine and beer. The ‘Soldatović’ Estate strives to maintain a high quality of its honey-based beverages.

–  HONEY-BASED COSMETICS (hand and face creams, body-care oils, lip balms). Home-made, hand-made cosmetics produced by the ‘Soldatović’ Estate is based on bee wax, honey and essential plants that we personally grow. Given that the skin is the largest organ in the body, it is hardly surprising that anything that is applied on it sooner or later ends up in the blood stream. Having that in mind, we can claim with utmost certainty that the cosmetic products made by the ‘Soldatović’ Estate are 100% natural and completely harmless.